The ceremony will be held outdoors, on a sloping lawn in the garden.  If, however, the weather does not allow for an outdoor event (this is Seattle, after all), then the ceremony will be held indoors, in the same room as the reception.


A buffet dinner will be served at the reception.  We plan to have something for everyone, and we will include vegetarian options.  If you have any serious dietary concerns, please let us know.  There will also be an espresso cart, for all of us coffee addicts, and get ready to eat some amazing cake as well!

As this will be a garden wedding, the mood and venue will be somewhat casual.  During the ceremony, the majority of the guests will be standing (don’t worry, we plan to keep it short and sweet!), so we suggest footwear that you feel comfortable wearing while standing for a short while, as well as on various surfaces, such as grass, gravel, carpet, bricks and stones.  We also suggest clothing that is more versatile than your usual wedding attire.

For directions, please refer to the Google Map below.  As for parking, we have included a map, as you must pass the buildings and smaller parking area to reach the main lot (labeled E-16).